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Introducing New Artist: MDR

by Miracle

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“The Warm Up” (listen/download)

“Lost Lovers” (preview)

MDR is a 19 year old music & entertainment hopeful from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. His name actually stands for ‘Make Dreams Reality’ and also serves as his movement of sorts. He works within the rapping and acting fields. He just became seriously active within the realm of music several months ago and has already: been placed on iTunes, featured in prominent mixtape circuits like Coast 2 Coast, received media attention from publications all over the globe, and more. He creates all of his tunes from his campus dorm room. He additionally mixes for other artists on campus as well. When not making music, he spends his talents acting and filming short movies. He’s confident that he belongs working amongst the two mediums and is ultimately looking to serve as a leader to his generation to encourage his peers to not be afraid to chase their dreams. He sent The Illixer a couple of newly released singles to share with readers. Get a little spiel on both after the jump.

“The Warm Up”

This is a take on rapper Drake‘s infamous “0 to 100” track. The original beat is kept perfectly in tact. It’s a killer production so that’s not a bad thing. There is no hook utilized here at all. Which gives it a freestyle vibe. This works out quite nicely. The stretched out verse is slick. MDR exhibits a snazzy flow, clever wordplay, and impressive rhymes. The description for this track says that it was more or less just an one hour exercise. Nothing too serious. This makes it even more captivating because MDR slayed this instrumental from start to finish. So one can only imagine what he can do when he’s really trying. A sprinkling of favorite lines include: “Said I’m twisted like a whirlwind. Party with your girlfriend. Funny how your best-friend knows exactly who my ex is. (…) I go hard when I got the mic. It’s just slicing through my esophagus. You couldn’t see my life even if you had my binoculars.” Those are some witty bars right there. Overall, this is a certified banger.

“Lost Lovers”

This record was produced by False Ego. It is quite the contrast from the freestyle joint. The production here is quality. It consists of: a low foundation, rich subtle background elements, a mid-tempo gait, and a stylish vibe. This selection too was put together sans hook. But the pace is such that one isn’t really needed. The extended verse is innovative. MDR disperses an articulate flow, vivid wordplay, and brilliant rhymes. He takes the listener through what initially seems like the rough ending of a serious romantic relationship. Then towards the conclusion of the selection the offering is revealed to actually be a metaphor for the death of Hip-Hop. A handful of noteworthy lines are: “Now I’m talking to myself. Thinking the s–t I’ve done. She thinks I put her second but to me she’s number one. So I’m soaping through my hair. Catch a sud up in my eye. And of course what do I think? Could it be another guy? But that’s impossible. I’ve been in love since I was a little kid. Now she gonna shut me out and act like I was never there. Man, I’m the one who made it happen. I’m the one who tells the truth. But is my honesty just nothing? Am I still in love with you? Man I thought it was forever. Maybe it isn’t true.” Those are some expressive reflective bars right there. As a whole, this is another unquestionable hit from MDR.

**My Two Cents: MDR really blew me away with both of these tracks. He has a strong flow and his pen game is of a grade A quality. I posted them both because I honestly couldn’t decide which one I liked more. They were both just that good. Additionally, they provide a nice versatile range of the Cape Cod talent. It’s always enjoyable to hear an artist who can perform well in more than one style of music. I believe readers will dig MDR for sure and should hit up those Sound Cloud links asap. Definitely looking forward to featuring MDR more on the site in the future. -MinM

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