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Freddy Hefner – “The Come Up” & “Imaginary Friend” (Double Header)

by Miracle

Freddy 2 Single Covers(Photos By Sound Cloud)

“The Come Up” (listen/download)

“Imaginary Friend” (preview)

Strapper Freddy Hefner kicked off the new year with some major personal accomplishments and a whole new burst of energy for her independent career. She took said energy and created a couple of fresh tunes. The first is a single called “The Come Up” and the second is titled “Imaginary Friend.” Both were produced by The Track4merz and will be featured on her forthcoming EP, Time Machine. Without further delay, let’s dive into the songs.

“The Come Up”

The production here is favorable. It is made up of a sleek foundation, buoyant supporting elements, and a jazzy vibe. The hook is official. The vocals are precise and the lyrics are creative. The verses are alluring. Freddy does her strapping (singing/rapping) thing for the first portion of the song and straight spits a few rhymes towards the last half. Her vocals are of a grade A quality and her flow is adequate. Her content is fetching and laced with provocative wordplay. She does a good job of letting the listener know what she’s all about, while being sure to highlight all of strengths and accomplishments along the way. A handful of standout lines include: “I’m a city girl and my aura show that I’m superstar material. All I read online is my horoscope. Don’t be going round talking ’bout so and so. At the W with my main squeeze. On the radio. It can’t be. N—as rhyming to the same beats. (…) But hello. I came to flip the script. I ain’t acting. It’s real s–t that I’m giving. Never slipping and I’m pimping. Hey!” Fly sample of who Freddy is given off right there. Overall, this track is a success and worth playing a time or two.

“Imaginary Friend”

The production here is winning. It’s a suave R&B style number that samples “Can’t You See” by former Bad Boy Records girl group Total. The sample combined with the instrumentation and graceful rhythm results in a pleasant vibe. The hook is up to par. The vocals are first-rate and the lyrics are of a temperate nature. The verses are commendable. Freddy serves up a softer version of her strapping style with descriptive word choice and charming lyrics. She conveys her desires for a special someone in her life to help her deal with the hectic venture that is her career. She croons: “Give me a young slimmy. Buff but skinny. Skin looking like Remy. Tattoo city. And he chew(choo) like Jimmy. Big head like Jimmy. He know I don’t ever cop that Remi. And be packing a semi. Forest and Jenny. With his Tarzan calves and his Batman abs. 6’6 like he play for the Cavs. LV on his waist. (…) That’s Louis. Yeah the thirteenth. Rolled in a sweet. Don’t it taste real sweet.” Freddy makes it crystal clear that she knows exactly what she wants in a mate. In the end, this record has hit written all over it.

**My Two Cents: I think Freddy handled her business with both singles. Both are of a stellar quality and they are very different so they show off Freddy’s versatility. My personal favorite is “Imaginary Friend.” The way the sample is used in the beat is awesome and I’m digging the grown & sexy vibe of the content. But readers are encouraged to take a moment and give each track an ear. They will not be disappointed. Also, be sure to check out Freddy and her FreddHeads on Twitter. -MinM

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