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Jay Smoove & Dylan Thomas – “Strawberry Milk” (Video)

by Miracle

invictuscover(Photo By Band Camp)

Invictus (listen/download)

Jay Smoove is a young Milwaukee talent who has teamed up with gifted producer Dylan Thomas. Together the two crafted Smoove’s premiere album, Invictus. To give an idea of what listeners can expect from the LP, Smoove has shared the video for the project’s first single, “Strawberry Milk.” He states that the song can be broken down as 88 bars with no hook. Those bars are of a choice quality and set to a mid-tempo beat with a down to earth vibe. Continue on to peep the visuals.

The video is a product of 6 Ward Films. The flick centers around Jay Smoove as he meanders about laying down his rhymes. He spends some time outside in the cold and snow. He also kicks it indoors for a bit in spacious empty areas on the solo tip as well as with Dylan Thomas. In between the various shots of Smoove are clips of live footage of the UW-Milwaukee campus. The visuals are boosted by the use of black & white color, flawless transitions, and a few other effects. The piece closes out with a playful final shot of Smoove and Dylan before they walk off and things fade to promo for 6th Ward Films. As a whole, this was an admirable viewing.

**My Two Cents: This was a worthwhile introduction to Jay Smoove and Dylan Thomas. The song is decent. Especially when considering the fact that it’s all rhymes with no hook or breaks. The production was fresh. It fit Smoove nicely. The video could have used a little bit more action but it was a valiant effort. If readers enjoyed the song and or video, they can give Smoove a follow over on Twitter. -MinM

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