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Bad Boyyyy. Bad Boyyyy. Come out and playyyyyy. Take that. Take that. The B.E.T. Awards have come and gone for another year. There were some highs and lows, but one of my favorite highlights was the Bad Boy 20 year reunion. Complete with a few of my favorite gems, Puff Daddy (or whatever he goes by today) sure knows how to put on a show. Puff, Ma$e, The Lox, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, and 112 gave the award ceremony a Hip-Hop nostalgic feel. Especially with Lil Kim doing her iconic squat pose, which for a minute, made us forget she’s been cut more times than a deck of cards at a casino. The only problem with the set was, where was the rest of the roster? They don’t have weekends off? There were no minutes on their phones? Or is it because Diddy still hasn’t paid them?

Freddy 2 Single Covers(Photos By Sound Cloud)

“The Come Up” (listen/download)

“Imaginary Friend” (preview)

Strapper Freddy Hefner kicked off the new year with some major personal accomplishments and a whole new burst of energy for her independent career. She took said energy and created a couple of fresh tunes. The first is a single called “The Come Up” and the second is titled “Imaginary Friend.” Both were produced by The Track4merz and will be featured on her forthcoming EP, Time Machine. Without further delay, let’s dive into the songs.

“The Come Up”

The production here is favorable. It is made up of a sleek foundation, buoyant supporting elements, and a jazzy vibe. The hook is official. The vocals are precise and the lyrics are creative. The verses are alluring. Freddy does her strapping (singing/rapping) thing for the first portion of the song and straight spits a few rhymes towards the last half. Her vocals are of a grade A quality and her flow is adequate. Her content is fetching and laced with provocative wordplay. She does a good job of letting the listener know what she’s all about, while being sure to highlight all of strengths and accomplishments along the way. A handful of standout lines include: “I’m a city girl and my aura show that I’m superstar material. All I read online is my horoscope. Don’t be going round talking ’bout so and so. At the W with my main squeeze. On the radio. It can’t be. N—as rhyming to the same beats. (…) But hello. I came to flip the script. I ain’t acting. It’s real s–t that I’m giving. Never slipping and I’m pimping. Hey!” Fly sample of who Freddy is given off right there. Overall, this track is a success and worth playing a time or two.

JayR_Da_Prince_Nia_Monet_Dare_2b_Different-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

Dare 2B Different (listen/download)

Quimby is an artist fresh on the scene who came to The Illixer‘s attention via the buzz he’s been creating. He has a couple of fans who highly recommended him for the site and he also stood out in the mega collaboration track put together by camera talent Steve White, “6th Man.” Quimby’s initial foray into music took place amongst his peers and was something he did  just for fun. However, he got a taste of what he could do once he buckled down and got serious via a project he did with another local talent, Ted Jones. Their collaboration was titled The Fix – Volume 1. The effort got enough of a positive response that it motivated Quimby to forge ahead with music and drop his own debut mixtape, Dare 2B Different. With Dare 2B Different, Quimby is hoping that people will take note of his flexible style and one of a kind rhymes. He prides himself on having love for the 414 and the city definitely seems to share the sentiment. Continue reading beyond the break for a few songs that stuck with the site after listening to Quimby’s premiere.