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Shle Berry – “Dear God” (Video)

by Miracle

292095_355903831155107_1122348277_n(Photo By Shle Berry)

Non-traditional femcee Shle Berry released a brand new video towards the end of last month. It’s for her previously released song, “Dear God.” The track was produced by Diract Beats. The single is a hushed number with inconspicuous ingredients, a pensive vibe, and personal heavy content. As a whole, it’s a very moving record that people should definitely hear. Shle thought so too but the single didn’t make as much of a splash as she wanted. So she decided to bring it to life in hopes that it would get more of a reaction that way. Peep her vision after the jump.

Roger Gonzales shot this video and the editing was handled by Shle herself. The video opens with a striking shot of Shle making her way around a church, trying to get in, but to no avail. Eventually, she settles onto a bench outside of the sacred institution. For the remainder of the piece, Shle proceeds to have her conversation with the man upstairs while being outside. She talks very openly about everything from the promiscuity of today’s youth to some of her own inner struggles. She does make a few more futile attempts to get inside of the place of worship. Her efforts come off as a metaphor of sorts, especially when taking in the second verse where she spits: “So rumor has it that I’m not allowed to go to heaven. That if I kiss another girl, your love for me will lessen. But I can’t help it. I been yearning for a girl’s affection. But that’s because my mother ain’t give me the right attention.” Powerful lines right there. The flick concludes with Shle walking away from the church and then fades to end credits. All in all, this was a fantastic project.

**My Two Cents: I loved this song and video. I think the messages behind both are stirring and ones that a lot of people will be able to connect to in their own ways. Readers should open up their minds and give this a play for sure. It’s a simple piece but I think it will make a huge impact. Props to Shle for sharing and allowing herself to be so vulnerable on the mic. To show Shle some love, give her a like on Facebook. -MinM

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