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Vanessa Elisha – “Home To Me” (Video)

by Miracle

a1(Photos By Vanessa Elisha)

 “Home To Me” (listen/download)

Vanessa Elisha is a breakout R&B singer / songwriter all the way from Australia. She released her first single “Blur” a little bit ago and quickly began to generate a buzz. Looking to capitalize on her new found success, the young songstress has dropped her second single/video off of her upcoming EP. The single is dubbed “Home To Me” and was produced by JRDN GXNIUS. JRDN GXNIUS was also the producer behind “Blur.” “Home To Me” is an offering with a leisurely tempo and mellow vibe. It has been described as a: “a relatable story of heartbreak and yearning for change.” Discover how Vanessa captured those emotional themes on the small screen after the jump.

This video was directed by Prad Senanayake. The storyline for the visuals is pretty straightforward but effective. Vanessa is featured performing in front of a movie projector in a button up shirt and boy shorts. Watching her almost sensual groove is an unidentified male. Given the nature of the song, it would be safe to assume that he is the significant other with whom she is pleading to help fix their relationship. As she is pouring her heart out, the projector displays a variety of vivid images. Everything from song lyrics to fire to floral pieces are shown. It’s an interesting addition to the flick. The video draws to a close with some standard shots of Vanessa doing her thing and then fades to black. Overall, this was a solid undertaking.


**My Two Cents: I really dig Vanessa’s sound and style. I think she has the perfect voice for R&B. As far as the song and video, I thought they were pretty decent. Both could have used a little something to give them that extra edge. But for it to only be Vanessa’s second single / video ever, I give her props. I think as she continues to gain experience and knowledge, her music will progress accordingly. No official release date or title have been given for her upcoming EP. However, readers can keep up with her and all of her future endeavors by visiting her: website, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. -MinM

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