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First Class – Puer Reges (EP Review)

by Miracle

Puer Reges (My Mixtapez)

“Puer Reges” (previous review)

Milwaukee collective First Class officially dropped their highly anticipated EP, Puer Reges, a little while back. It’s a six song project which includes the popular title track. The Illixer will dive into a couple of additional records to give readers an idea of what the mini album is all about. Go beyond the break and continue reading.


The production here is snazzy. The low lying base, sleek quirky background elements, unique tempo, and hood savvy vibe fit perfectly together. The hook is of a quality nature. The delivery is clean cut and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are on point. The fellas come with easy going flows, moderate wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. They paint a portrait that demonstrates the possible lavishness that can come about as a result of an unwavering grind. An example of which includes: “But we just wanted to ball on some playoff s–t. Jewels hanging from necks on some Adolf s–t. We ’bout to run through them checks. I know y’all hate that s–t. We ’bout to run through them checks. Aw man, goddamn I’m the s–t. And I’m rocking Jordans. Finna buy ’em for the click in the f—king morning.” Those are some spirited opening bars right there. All in all, this is a valid selection.

“Hell  On Earth”

The production here is respectable. The hushed foundation, versatile supporting details, middling rhythm, and down to earth vibe make for an ideal pairing. The hook is straight to the point. The delivery is natural and the lyrics are concise. It should be noted that the song’s title is also referenced throughout the tune as well. The verses are favorable. The duo serve up efficient flows, legitimate wordplay, and authentic rhymes. They speak on the ills of the world and how they maneuver around them in a striking manner. A sprinkling of lines that best reflect this are: “You say your dope so dope. Where the coke? Man bet you can’t tell me what you moving. Can’t tell me what you got. I’m on the grind all day. Can’t sleep like a n—a allergic to the moon. I go skurrrt. Hope in that ghost and go ghost on these n—as. N—as want bread. I make toast with these n—as. (….) Streets raging. They purging, the city going crazy. Robbing in broad day.” One has to appreciate the artfulness found within those bars. As a whole, this record is a banger as well as a site favorite. A video for the track can be seen below.

**My Two Cents: Puer Reges is a fair EP. The project definitely has the occasional bright moment. And for the most part, everything is well put together. But I expected the fellas to come just a tad bit harder. They have such a great energy and unique sound. It would be nice to see them step it up a notch and really challenge themselves. But all things considered, I believe the effort is worth checking out. So readers should go ahead and hit up the link at the start of the post. Also, be sure to keep up with Skyy Preshh & Scottie Phreshh on their respective social media accounts for all of the First Class news and updates. -MinM

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