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Music Quickies: Sonick – “Black Truck” (Promo)

by Pooh Bailey

Let the violins play as you ride in that black truck. “Black Truck” comes exclusively to us by none other than one of Milwaukee’s rising stars, Sonick. This track is set to have you creeping through the city streets on a cold Fall night.

With the help of ThaBombSquad and 808 Mafia, Sonick truly brings it and is ready for the next stage. “Black Truck” is by far one of Sonick’s better tracks. The violins make it seem as if you’re actually being followed by the truck. And Sonick’s delivery is the perfect match for the vibe of this song. This track would be the perfect theme song for a crime drama. So lets all get in the black truck and strap up and pray that one of these artists act up.

Listeners will get to experience Sonick’s “Black Truck,” November 1st exclusively on iTunes and The Illixer. -Pooh Bailey

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