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King Myles – “Maestro”

by Pooh Bailey

King Myles is an experimental Hip-Hop artist from Milwaukee, who is a co-founder and catalyst of the group HIII-TRIBE. He is a self-proclaimed “proprietor of culture.” King Myles contributes: production, graphic art, videography, and much more. This includes his new single, “Maestro” (co-produced by Felz and M.ke) off of his upcoming album Horizons. The sound wave offers an anthem for those learning to control their own destiny. This energetic message of embracing the process of evolution serves as inspiration for those facing adversity.

“Maestro” is like four-play with no sex. For three and a half minutes, you wait for the beat to drop and for King Myles to go ham. Not the case here. “Maestro” just sounds like one long prelude. On the production end, it gives us a great build up but no orgasm. It’s like Felz and M.ke let the beat build so much that it fizzled out. On King Myles’s end, the flow is there and so are the rhymes. However, there was no umph. There was nothing that draws you in. “Maestro” would make a great filler on a mixtape; however, as a lead single, no.

If “Maestro” is any indication, then King Myles is getting his missteps out of the way now, so he conquers it all. “Maestro” isn’t horrible but it isn’t great either. It’s a song that with some key tweaks, could possibly be the song of the Fall (Remix, perhaps?). But as it is now, it’s an okay track. Next time, the King should have a sit-down with his king’s men and discuss the sound he is truly looking for. –Pooh Bailey

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