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King Cezar – “Elevate”

by Miracle

“Elevate” (iTunes)

“Elevate” is the new surprise cut that King Cezar dropped on his supporters just a few short days ago. It comes about in conjunction with the Broke.Life brand. Additionally, it features vocals/snippets from Fox 6 Milwaukee and professional baseball player Jeremy Jeffress. The track is produced by Taz Taylor. Continue reading after the jump for an Illixer style breakdown of the record.

The production here is stirring. The quiet foundation, graceful musical ingredients, measured rhythm, and reflective vibe generate an instant emotional response from the listener. The hook is satisfactory. The delivery is clean & sharp but could’ve been a little softer to better fit the nature of the beat. The lyrics are direct. The verses are moving. King Cezar slides through with a precise flow, expressive wordplay, and ambitious personal rhymes. He drives home the theme of overcoming obstacles via perception & dedication effortlessly. This is made evident in lines such as: “Put my mind to it. Then I made it happen. I’m trying to fine tune it. This Black boy magic. Young mastermind and I’m a fool in traffic. This where the best die. Man rest in peace to Patrick. A-yo that west-side, it made ya boy a savage. I had to separate. Cause some of these n—as cancer. I’m just a broke boy trying to move the masters.” Those bars right there make for a significant ending. All in all, this is a very compelling selection with a great message.

**My Two Cents: If he hasn’t reached his desired level of elevation in any other area of his life yet, King Cezar has definitely reached impressive heights with his music. This track is great. The symbolism in the art work, the opening interview snippets, the emotive instrumental, and pointed content all make for one brilliantly packaged & presented effort. The message lands nicely and the listener is still able to zone out and fully enjoy the track. It seems as if King Cezar is paving the way for something major to drop. And I can’t wait. Get on board now before he soars too far out of reach. -MinM

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