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Chayo Nash F/ Rich Homie Quan – “Lo Mein”

by Pooh Bailey

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Theo Nash aka Chayo Nash (T-Pain’s New Nappy Boy & Winsquad) is a rapper ready to show the world that he’s got next. He also dabbles in the fashion world via the Good Company brand.  Since the age of five, Chayo Nash played five different instruments growing up until he started focusing his talents on the digital side of the music industry. At age 12, he recorded and produced his first Hip-Hop track. With a diverse background in music, Chayo has a completely unique sound as well as an ear for detail that will leave his audience captivated. He brands himself as a little bit Southern, a little bit West Coast, and a little bit Punk Rock / Party Boy. With that being said, here’s a taste (pun intended) of his newest track, “Lo Mein” F/ Rich Homie Quan.

As I’ve said time and time again, some songs should only be played during certain events. “Lo Mein” is a “It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve got errands to run;” type of track. The production was nicely done. It’s the typical Trap sound but it works. Chayo does a nice job of not being washed out by the beat. Usually artists get so lost in their production that their vocals ruin the track. Not the case here. However, I wouldn’t use this track to lead a mixtape or an album. This track is better in the middle of a LP. And just like the dish it’s named after, “Lo Mein” is as good as it’s counterpart. But just like the dish on the flip side, after a few minutes you will be hungry for more. And I’m sure Chayo Nash will be able to deliver. –Pooh Bailey

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