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NuMoney – Deux (EP Review)

by Miracle

Deux (iTunes)

One of Milwaukee’s favorite artists, NuMoney, is creating a lot of noise at the moment with his new EP, Deux. He threw a release event for the project earlier this week in collaboration with fellow 414 talent Sonick and the turn out was pretty impressive. The event was dubbed Growth ’17 which also happens to be the name of one of the tracks on the new collective. There are eight songs in total with a few guest appearances sprinkled throughout. Continue reading to get an idea of what’s got everybody so amped about the new tunes.

“Growth ’17”

The production here is fresh. The dense foundation, upbeat musical ingredients, middling rhythm, and club friendly vibe result in an enjoyable combination. The hook is adequate. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are fetching. There is only one verse present on this cut. The lone verse is respectable. NuMoney serves up a quickened flow, competent wordplay, and expressive rhymes. He uses colorful lines such as: “Money come and money go. I done been up. I been broke. I done hit it on the first night while she act like she won’t go. I just act like I don’t know cause real n—as don’t expose;” to charismatically illustrate his glow up to the listener. As a whole, this is a slick little record. Not hard at all to understand why it is a fan favorite.


“Ain’t Surprised”

The production here is legit. The conservative bass, lightweight supporting details, gradual pace, and mellow vibe make for a winning mixture. The hook is first-rate. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are official. NuMoney laces the beat with a distinctive flow, proper wordplay, and deep personal rhymes. He paints an image pertaining to loyalty or rather the lack thereof, that is sure to truly hit home for a lot of individuals. A handful of prominent lines from said imagery includes: “For the ones who said I couldn’t prove ’em all wrong. They switched up but not me. I just treat them all accordingly. Not sorry for my distance cause my growth means a little more to me. (….) No more riding for n—as that wouldn’t get out and help change tires. Like, f–k I need a fake friend for? That go against everything that I stand for.” The gripping nature of those bars right there is undeniable. Overall, this song is a gem as well as the site favorite.


The production here is likable. The subtle base, toned down background elements, casual tempo, and sobering vibe pair up smoothly together. The hook is valid. The delivery is fitting and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are satisfactory. NuMoney steps up to the plate with an easy going flow, quality wordplay, and honest rhymes. He lets the listener in on his struggles in a very relative fashion. An excerpt from his moment of sharing includes: “Say what you want, just know I always kept it real. You ain’t eating at this table unless you put something on the bill. I got too much s–t on my plate. And not enough blue faces in the safe. Staying out the way. Just trying to make a way. Stressing, I just pray for better days.” One can definitely feel the heavy emotions coming from within those lines right there. All in all, this is a noteworthy selection.

**My Two Cents: Deux is a top notch EP. The production could’ve been a little more diverse. All of the effects on the vocals could’ve been dialed back a bit too. But otherwise, the project is spot on. NuMoney’s pen game is as sharp as it’s ever been and he knows how to utilize subject matters that relate to the people. I now have a complete understanding as to why the Growth ’17 event had such a strong turnout as well as why the EP has such a big buzz surrounding it. But don’t just take my word for it. Hit up iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, or whatever streaming service is to your liking and check out Deux for yourselves. -MinM

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