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Emmitt James – “What Writers Do” (Video)

by Miracle

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“What Writers Do” (listen/download)

Back in February, artist Emmitt James celebrated his birthday by releasing a new single with Man Mantis for his supporters. The track was called “What Writers Do.” It was an unique number that incorporated an excerpt from James Baldwin‘s “Who Is The Nigger?” piece. Readers can get all of the details about it here. A few days ago, Emmitt followed up the song with a fresh visual. It is just as inventive as the record itself. Peep it after the break.

The video was directed by Emmitt himself and his good friend I.X. Matthew aka Dark|Horse. The premise for the video is very ambiguous in nature. The flick is set outdoors and entails following an eclectic collective of people as they engage in different things. For example, there is a ballerina who dances amidst and around a set of railroad tracks. There is another young lady with trendy hair and a pair of prominent headphones, who travels about the city reciting lines from the song. One of the more attention grabbing  scenarios involves the appearance of a fairy. She just kind of prances about and does whatever it is fairies do (lol). Emmitt pops up in between the various personas, performing and doing some wandering of his own. The video intriguingly ends with Emmitt lying down at the bottom of a grassy hill. He is joined by the earlier mentioned chic with the cool hair. All in all, this was a delightfully sporadic watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a pretty creative undertaking by Emmitt and his team. I love the fact that you were never sure what exactly was going to happen next during the video. Also, I think he chose a great group of people to participate. The ballerina and the violinist were my faves to watch. They were so far out of the traditional environments for what they do but they still seemed very comfortable and content. That takes some real talent. This was a fun flick for me and I think readers would enjoy it too. -MinM

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