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Destinee Lynn – “Playin Wit Me” (Song & Video)

by Miracle
“Playin With Me” (Stream Here)

Almost seven years ago, the site featured female rapper Destinee Lynn as an artist to keep an eye on. Fast forward to today and she is killing the game. She’s verified on the socials, has an extensive diverse music catalog, she’s earning plaques for her streams, and she is rubbing elbows with some of the top dogs in the industry. Sis is slaying the assignment. She is currently pushing her smash single “Playin Wit Me” which is one of a few hits off of her latest project, True Story.

“Playin Wit Me” is one of those tracks that blew up because the people heard it and went crazy. Upon it’s initial release, Destinee Lynn received an out pouring of fan videos rapping and vibing out to the song. The fans hit the nail on the head with this one. The production for the single is bananas. The hard knocking base-line, slick musical components, lively tempo, and dominant vibe are flawless. The hook is no slouch either. The delivery has a taunting nature to it and the lyrics go hard. The verses are mint. Destinee Lynn dishes out a well-defined flow, biting wordplay, and first-class rhymes. She’s talking tall and standing on her square. Take note as she spits: “If I gotta ask for it, I don’t want the s–t. If that n—a don’t eat p—y, I don’t want the d–k. No I’m nothing like the type of b–ch you used to f—king with. I just spent like twenty on my wrist. Little b–ch I’m up for real. I don’t give a f–k. Cause I don’t f–k with y’all. And if you can’t buy it twice. Don’t buy that s–t at all.” That opener is lit. As a whole, this is a knock-out record.

“Playin Wit Me” created such a buzz that Destinee Lynn decided to bring it to the small screen. The video is directed by Foreign Skooly with editing done by Painfully Gifted Visuals. It’s an excellent companion to the single. The bright colorful backgrounds, beautiful energetic ladies, and sassy versatile performance from Destinee Lynn herself make the vision just as hype-worthy as the tune itself. All in all, this is a must see clip.

**My Two Cents: Destinee Lynn has grown leaps and bounds since we featured her seven years ago. She’s gotten more confident and her pen has definitely gotten sharper. I went from a casual observer of hers to a full blown fan. I love her swag and her unfiltered way with words. She talks a big game and there is no doubt that she can back it up. It’s great witnessing all of her success. She calls herself the Queen of the 414 and I couldn’t think of anyone better to hold that crown. I can promise it will not be another seven years before she’s back on the site. We are all in. -MinM

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