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Introducing: Destinee Lynn

by Miracle

12049166_10206774759601358_3679776296177925667_n(Photos By Destinee Lynn)

Readers say hello to Miss Destinee Lynn. Destinee Lynn is a Milwaukee born talent who rocks with an imprint that she crafted by the name of F.G.M (Fantasy Girl Musik). She has established a buzz for herself both in her home state of Wisconsin and multiple surrounding states such as Illinois. She got into music at an early age and became fully immersed in songwriting & rapping in 2011. She has been fortunate enough to open up for the likes of: Juicy J, Juvenile, Young Dro, and more. Her ultimate goal is to utilize her gifts to become one of the best female emcees in the Mid-West to ever grace the mic. With coveted radio air play and a strong showing of support from various deejays, she is well on her way to doing just that.

At the moment, she is pushing tracks off of her newly released Tatted EP. It consists of seven songs total, including hits such as “Spazz,” “Throw It,” and the title track. Another familiar 414 name, Nu Money, serves as the only guest artist on the collective. He appears on a selection called “Fly.” Readers can check out the full project via Destinee’s Sound Cloud. After giving the EP a thorough listen, The Illixer became partial to “Spazz.” The beat is a high energy number with booming musical components and a raw street vibe. There is no hook as the single is structured in a freestyle manner. There is a slight break about half way through though. Destinee Lynn kills her verses. She employs a quick flow, biting wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. She makes her presence undeniable with lines such as: “I just smoked a blunt of tropic. My problems, forget about ’em. That’s cause nowadays these n—as be flexing like they got it. He be all up in my business trying to get up in my pockets. He’ll rob you for your life and I’m just trying to stop the violence. Do anything for these b—hes, a pack of loud, and a bottle. Where them real n—as at? He be out in about a thousand. F–k them hoes, get your money, count it. I ain’t go to college but I got it. Anything I want, I bet I go and cop it.” That’s just a small portion of the heat that the 414 diva provides within the two minute time frame of the record. It’s an overall banger for sure. Readers can check out the full version of “Spazz” via the above provided video.


**My Two Cents: I’ve heard Destinee Lynn’s name before but never her music prior to now. I am very impressed. She has an one of a kind flow and her pen game is valid. You can hear the hunger in her voice when she spits. She’s definitely holding her own amongst the front runners in the city. The Tatted EP is on point. The singles that weren’t previously released make just as much of an impression as the ones that were. Which you can’t say about too many projects because most usually contain a lot of filler. Readers need to put Destinee on their radars pronto. She is certainly on The Illixer‘s and we look forward to bringing you more from Milwaukee’s own fantasy girl. -MinM

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