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Emmitt James – “If Your Orange Juice Is Yellow It’s Not Real”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Mandy Miller)

Emmitt James (House Of Renji) is already getting things in motion for his next major release. It is set to be a visual art EP richly titled, If Your Orange Juice Is Yellow It’s Not Real. The collective is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime during the Winter of 2016. His team sent over the title track to the project not too long ago. It is actually a remix of a song called “Low Battery” by an artist named Ta-Ku.

The production here is unconventional. The level foundation, fluctuating supporting details, gradual tempo, and nonchalant vibe result in a different yet enjoyable mixture. The hook easily captures the listener’s attention. The delivery is full of magnetism and the lyrics are lasting. The verses are expertly put together. Emmitt James contributes a polished flow, relevant wordplay, and premium rhymes. His goal with this record was to capture the feeling of waking up next to that special someone by relaying it to the sentiment of lounging in bed all day and sipping REAL oj. He certainly accomplishes said goal and then some. A few signature lines from the inventive metaphor include: “They say if your orange juice is yellow than it’s not real. I just wanna love you. Now I finally know how God feel. Respect the house. You know I bang for my set. But it ain’t been the same since you left. The West Coast is great. But me, I’ve been a mess on the inside. And I don’t wanna talk about yo last guy. I just wanna talk until it’s midnight. Or even after that if yo eyes wide … open.” The upfront nature and longing contained within those bars right there speaks volumes. As a whole, this is a high quality creative rendition.

**My Two Cents: Emmitt James has such a knack for penning songs with an unique approach. I really dig the concept behind this track. Who would have ever thought that orange juice and relationships could be so smoothly intertwined (lol)? I think this sets an exceptional standard for the upcoming visual art EP. I definitely can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. I believe readers will feel the same after giving this record an ear. So go ahead click play and don’t forget to be mindful of the hue of your oj. -MinM

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