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Destinee Lynn – “10 Reasons”

by Miracle
“10 Reasons” (Stream Here)

Destinee Lynn has been on quite the roll lately. She’s done a couple of highly raved about shows back here in her home state of Wisconsin. And she’s been on a press run that compares to that of your favorite mainstream artist. The camera and radio just love her. Capitalizing on all of her current momentum, Destinee Lynn hit her followers with a new single just a few days ago. The song is called “10 Reasons” and it’s definitely continuing her elevation.

The production here is banging. The sunken bass, slight musical details, animated rhythm, and commanding vibe result in an undeniable match-up. The hook is something serious too. The delivery is cheeky and the lyrics are giving pressure. The lone verse is golden. Destinee Lynn attacks the mic with her signature flow, sharp wordplay, and unapologetic rhymes. She considers herself the HBIC and is not letting anyone tell her differently. Especially not a man. She goes in: “I remember I ain’t have s–t. Now I spend this cash quick. Never talk about it. They gone see it when it happen. Told my daughter that the world is yours. You want it, you could have it. Never let a n—a treat you like you average. You need no distractions.” Not only are those bars smoking but they also contain a bit of wisdom. Overall, this is another mega hit for the Queen of the 414.

**My Two Cents: Destinee Lynn is in her winning season right now for sure. Everything she’s touching is going up. “10 Reasons” is dope. The hook is creative and she got off on the verse. I love the fact that she’s still giving us that raw hunger in spite of all of her success. Can’t wait to see her next move. Y’all be sure to keep up. -MinM

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