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MgnBlak – “In My Head”

by Miracle
“In My Head” (Stream Here)

Readers meet MgnBlak. He is a budding indie rapper holding it down for Atlanta, GA. He describes himself as a breath of fresh air for the world of Hip-Hop. He dived into music in his early teens and by the time he hit college, he was dropping his first single & video. Branding himself as an artist of substance, MgnBlak quickly realized that he had to be creative with his lyrics and flow to get people on board. With a rapidly rising fan-base, he’s garnered comparisons to J. Cole, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, etc. On a mission to bring a certain level of reality back to Hip-Hop, MgnBlak is gearing up to release his debut EP, Hear Me Now. In order to get interest brewing for the EP, he dropped a single entitled “In My Head.”

The production here is solid. The low-lying base, subtle musical elements, gradual tempo, and pondering vibe work nicely together. The hook is adequate. The delivery has a sing-song element to it and the lyrics are deep. The verses are up to par. MgnBlak serves up an emotion driven flow, personal wordplay, and telling rhymes. He gives the listener a very transparent look at some of his trials and tribulations. He shares: “I’ve been trying to live life less sinful. But this s–t getting less and less simple. I’ve been keeping well with all my agendas. It’s the week before the first. Goddamn the rent due. I’ve been trying to hold this s–t down ten toes. If I do it right, can get it back ten-folds. Couple n—as couldn’t get with the program. And now you don’t hear their name like Lorenzo.” Those bars right there make for a stirring opener. All in all, this is a legitimate selection.

**My Two Cents: MgnBlak made a decent first impression on me. I like his flow and his subject matter. He has definitely nailed the whole relatable factor. And his lyrics are certainly meaningful. “In My Head” is a cool track. I do wish he would’ve slowed his delivery down on the verses just a tad. I think it would have aligned better with the beat. And if we are going for lead single, I think something with more of a punch would have been fitting. “In My Head” gives me more of a follow-up/second release type of energy. But I’m definitely rocking with it and I am curious to hear what else the upcoming EP has to offer. Stay tuned. -MinM

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