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Deezy Da Paperboy – “Runaway” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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#JusDoinMe (listen/download)

#JusDoinMe (Mixtape Review by Pooh Bailey)

Illinois based rapper Deezy Da Paperboy has been keeping his supporters laced with all sorts of new material this past month or so. He dropped a new mixtape called #JusDoinMe. Readers can check it out as well as peep the review of the project via the above provided links. He also released a couple of different visuals. Amongst which is the video for his single, “Runaway.”

The song is produced by KDubThePhenom. It’s set to a high octane production with dramatic musical details and a serious vibe. The hook is of a striking quality as well. The delivery is emphatic and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are respectable. Deezy Da Paperboy utilizes a passionate flow, solid wordplay, and aggressive rhymes. Pooh Bailey wrote that the rapper is giving the listener a bit of his background while at the same time demonstrating his hunger for the number one spot in the game. She called it perfectly. All in all, it’s a decent as well as a very lively selection.

The video was done by JBizzy Brooks for Glass Imagery. The focal point of the video is a glimpse into what a routine is like for Deezy on the night of a show. So everything begins with Deezy waking up and getting ready for his performance. He then enters the venue and does a walk through of sorts. The establishment has dark colorful lighting and a traditional style set up for performances. There is also an interesting nod to House music persona Deadmaus present. Once Deezy gets on the mic, there is a pretty nice sized crowd on hand as well. Everybody has insane energy and is really into the music. Additionally, there is a beasty drummer in the mix who really sets things off just right. Aside from the performance shots, there are glances of Deezy just posted up with his squad and having a good time. The flick concludes with a behind the scenes moment of Deezy in the midst of the crowd at the venue along with some brief advertising. As a whole, this is an entertaining piece.

**My Two Cents: I liked this song. The production has that classic Rock meets Hip-Hop mash up style which I love. And Deezy brought a lot of spirit to the content. One has to appreciate an artist who is so thoroughly invested in his craft. The video was pretty cool too. I’ve always been fascinated by how artists go about getting prepared for a show. So it was neat to get a glimpse of Deezy’s approach. Plus, the performance itself seemed all the way turnt up. It was dope seeing the audience get hype and vibe out with Deezy. That’s how all events should be. The freeze frame / slow motion effects were pretty bad ass too. I thought that was a creative touch. Readers should definitely give this a view when they have a chance. -MinM

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