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Blunder – Reservations (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Reservations” (previous review)

Blunder (Audible Hustle Entertainment) released his first official project of the year a little over a week ago, just in time to ring in the Fall season. It’s an EP titled Reservations and it contains a total of seven tracks. The site usually tries to paraphrase an artist’s description or intention behind their project but his explanation is so dope that the whole thing had to be shared in it’s original form. He breaks down the collective as follows: Reservations is a transformative process. It’s a hoodie up, brim low, scuffed kicks walking through dim lit streets. It’s a packed house, window shakin’ look into a young man’s mind. Fear and doubt … hope and love. It’s the dichotomy of longing to belong, while believing deep down you always have.” Such a poetic summary right there. Not much else needs to be said. Readers can dive into a few tracks after the break.

“1 Day”

This is the very first single on the EP. This record is produced by Apollo Brown. The production here is low key. The deep rooted bass, groovy background elements, lenient tempo, and innate vibe make for a worthwhile combination. The hook is fair. The delivery has a sing song element to it and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are first-rate. Blunder displays an affable flow, magnetic wordplay, and valid rhymes. He lays promising groundwork for the album while at the same time showing off his lyrical prowess. Some lines to be especially aware of include: “Varsity jacket but I never played. They like to tell me my flow is money. Still never paid. I’m back in the killing like I was never gone. Still packing these buildings like it’s a f–king barn. Can’t find my shoes. They probably under my clothes. Can’t find my tape. It’s probably under they nose. Can’t find your girl, she probably down to her bra. She probably down on all fours. She probably down for the cause.” Those words make for a very trendy opening to the track. Overall, this selection is a winner.

“MC” F/ Tim Nihan

The production here is fetching. The atmospheric foundation, companionable secondary ingredients, middling rhythm, and hushed vibe pair alluringly together. The hook is solid. The delivery is discernible and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are satisfactory. Blunder rules the first two verses and Tim Nihan knocks out the third. Both artists utilize established flows, proficient wordplay, and estimable rhymes. They provide two legitimate examples of the essence of a real emcee. Observe Blunder as he spits: “My headphones always connected. So if I ever come wrong, I always correct it. My hand-print is gone be seen across the world. (…) Tell me I’m wrong. To be in love with the power of words. Time flies in the dark. That’s the hour of birth. Book of lies that they reading. And they eat it up. I guess that’s the power of church. Everyday a new mountain to climb. I’m free basing. Hope I don’t fall for my crimes.” Those are some abstract quality bars right there. All in all, this is an interesting number.

“How It Ends”

Fittingly enough, this is the very last song on the album. J1K (Producers United) laced the boards on this one. The production here is different. The all-embracing infrastructure,  effervescent musical components, unhurried pace, and sobering vibe match up suitably together. The hook is decent. The delivery is orthodox and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are of an intermediate quality. Blunder exhibits a causal flow, up to par wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He dispenses his perspective on life and the pursuit of his dream in an atypical yet somewhat relative fashion. A handful of notable lines are: “Can you consider me your fam if we never do meet? You sure can. Cause my music’s an extension of me. So if it seems like it started losing touch with the world, you can rest assured I did that s–t intentionally. These rappers getting chilled simply from the mention of me. Cause they fans on the (…) and they mentioning me. And they know that we don’t match intellectually. Cause I come prepared with keys that could set you free.” One has to admire the inventiveness of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a kosher effort.

**My Two Cents: Reservations is a gifted project. The production is spot on. It could have been slightly more versatile though. And the content is pleasing. Blunder has skills for sure. However, he could have put a little more zest in his lyrics on certain singles to really make them pop. But as a young artist who is steadily learning and growing, he did his thing. I think he did the Audible Hustle Entertainment brand justice and that his camp should be proud of him. Readers looking for fresh tunes from a distinct source, should check out this EP promptly. -MinM

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