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Fab Soares – “Get Down” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Fab Soares - Get Down Artwork(Photo By Fab Soares)

Fab Soares is a rising talent hailing all the way from London. He takes pride in carrying himself slightly different from other artists coming out of the United Kingdom. He is the curator of a brand colorfully titled London’s Most Blunted. He believes it holds all the makings of a legitimate imprint and that is has a ton of potential. He describes the members of his brand as young innovative creative outcasts. That definitely sounds intriguing. So it seems his end game is to supply the world with unique quality material. Recently, he sent over his new video for his song “Get Down.”

The track is set to a seriously infectious production. The clean base, classic old school Hip-Hop style elements, trendy rhythm, and groovy vibe make for a four star combination. The hook is favorable as well. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are choice. Fab Soares presents a breezy flow, quick wordplay, and stylish rhymes. He does a first-rate job of demonstrating to the listener how he operates. Which is seemingly with a very fun and out spoken nature. Overall, this is a fresh record.

The video was put together by Steezy Nile. The concept for the visual is fairly easy to follow. It essentially just centers around Fab Soares roaming through the city and doing his thing. The viewer gets a strong feel for his personal style and a glimpse of his character. Hats are definitely his favorite accessory. He rocks some pretty fly ones too. And he appears to like to keep either a drink or something rolled up in his hand. The most notable part of his ventures was the club scenes. He spent some time just partying with his crew but he got in some performance time as well. There was a genuine sense of camaraderie present as well as a sincere appreciation for his music. It’s always nice to see an artist get love for their talents. The flick wraps up with a live clip from the end of the aforementioned show. As a whole, this was an apt offering.

**My Two Cents: I am really digging Fab Soares. His flow is slick and he has a valid pen game too. This song was on point. The beat was impressively done and the content was memorable. The press material described it as a single that will appeal to all tastes, especially 90’s music lovers and I couldn’t agree more. The throwback nature of it was the selling point for sure. The video was likable. I enjoyed the fact that it had so much of Fab’s personality in it. That gave it a lot of magnetism which is a great way to reel viewers in. Especially those checking Fab out for the first time like me. Readers looking for something a tad different should give the London spitter a play asap. -MinM

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