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D. Yelv – “Homecoming (Turn Me Up)”

by Miracle

homecomingart(Photo By D. Yelv)

D. Yelv is a talent that is new to the site that was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He specializes in rapping and songwriting. He also runs a DMV based imprint called #Onthecomeup. It’s a lifestyle brand and collective. He is known for having a distinct flow, expressive lyrics, and urban flair. These qualities have earned him a respectable grassroots following. And his talents coupled with his drive have generated accolades from a wide range of: artists, bloggers, DJ’s, radio stations, and magazines. His live performance game is said to be pretty on point as well. Just yesterday (10/7), he sent over his latest single to show us here in the Mid-West what he is all about. It’s entitled “Homecoming (Turn Me Up)” and was produced by MJ Nichols.

The production here is quality. The rich bass, finespun supporting ingredients, mid-tempo gait, and relaxed vibe result in a lucrative mixture. The hook is copacetic. The delivery is traditional and the lyrics are tastefully crafted. The verses are narrative. D. Yelv disperses an orderly flow, detailed wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He tells the story of reuniting with a former significant other from college as they take a journey down memory lane during his return trip to campus for a visit. A handful of lines worth highlighting include: “But you bang with a n—a. Cats flexing trying to get you. In my mind, if they money looking right you’ll be with it. Wonder who done really hit. Let you tell it that’s the issue. Worried about you stunting on me, instead of with you. Now you talking about them things that you want me to do. But deep inside you tell yourself that it won’t come true. Enough tears on your tissue. Enough broads put above you. Had enough ‘Honey I miss you’s’ when I’m just trying to hit you. Heard a new n—a been plotting trying to get you. And hit your heart like a fully automated pistol.” The emotion and vividness within those words right there creates a very gripping affect. Overall, this single is official.

**My Two Cents: I like what D. Yelv brings to the table. He has a becoming sound about him and his bars are proper. This is a nice record. The production is gratifying and the content is appealing. I especially like the story-telling element that is utilized. I’ve heard a lot of top notch DMV artists over the years and D. Yelv certainly falls into that category. Looking forward to hearing what else he can do. Readers should take a chance and give this song a listen. They may find that they just might like it. -MinM

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