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Collaboration Of The Month: Mad Static & Kal’L – “She’s So Fly”

by Miracle

(Photo By Jay Thomas)

“She’s So Fly” (preview)

There is one last order of business to take care of for Collaboration Month. And that is picking a winner for “Collaboration Of The Month” out of the four artists who won their respective weeks. All of the songs were top notch. But the one that reigns supreme is, “She’s So Fly” by Mad Static & Kal’L. What this means is that Mad Static will be headlining the big mixtape release event. He also receives: additional press on The Milwaukee Examiner, a free service from the site, a free video, and the possible opportunity to be played on premiere radio station v100.7. That is a very generous prize package put together by Kal’L.

Now that all of the songs have been released, the previously mentioned mixtape for Collaboration Month, The Example, will drop next Saturday, December 15th. That is also the date of the mixtape release party. The event will be hosted by Kal’L and will include live performances by all of the winners. Even the winner of Collaboration Week from back in August will be on deck. It’s going to be a great affair that is not to be missed. Get further details and updates from the event’s Facebook Page.

**My Two Cents: I’ve had a blast being a part of one of the biggest movements of the year. There was a lot of talent brought together by Kal’s vision. Can’t wait to celebrate the venture and see all of the winners do their thing next Saturday. Congrats to Mad Static on another win! And props to Kal’L on a successful movement! -MinM

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