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Carl “BFM” Jones Presents: Mid-West Minute Radio Pre-Launch Show

by Miracle

(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

Mid-West Minute Radio (Tune In)

So previously mentioned Hip-Hop personality Carl “BFM” Jones is relaunching his radio show, Mid-West Minute Radio. The show sheds light on all aspects of underground / indie Hip-Hop throughout the Mid-West. He has reached out to some of the top blogs and websites in the region to assist him as media partners. The Illixer was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of those partners. The official premiere of the show is January 9th, 2013. As more details become available, there will be updates. In the mean time, there is going to be a special pre-launch show tonight. It will air from 8 – 10pm and will feature the one and only Dawn Richards (Danity Kane / Dirty Money). Readers can tune in via the above link and / or call in via the following number: 347-996-3277. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

**My Two Cents: I am very excited to be included in this new venture and want to give a major thank you to Carl “BFM” Jones for extending the opportunity. And for those die hard fans of Dawn, The Illixer will be interviewing her this weekend as well. So be sure to check back! -MinM

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