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Christ B & Moses – “Recognition” (Video)

by Miracle

Higher Education Records (H.E.R.) is a company that began here in Milwaukee but officially took flight in Madison, WI about two years ago. The company was formed in order to unite rising talents from all over the world who live in or attend school in the Madison area. Higher Education Records has a healthy roster of unique artists and thus seems to always have one project or another in the works. The company’s goal is to bring real creative and quality music to the independent scene. Christ B is one of the many artists working to help accomplish said goal. He is a well traveled emcee who just wants to make authentic music that comes from within. He recently dropped a video for his single ‘Recognition.” The track was produced by Moses and will be featured on an upcoming EP titled, The Odyssey.


The video was shot, directed, and edited by Leo Purman of Altrac Productions. The video is done entirely in black and white. Also, it features several clips from old television shows and movies that were done in black and white as well. The focus of the visuals pretty much just centers around Christ B in a mixture of different surroundings. Some of which include: a room with an old neon gas sign, an abandoned lot with graffiti filled buildings, in a field underneath a bridge, etc. Additionally, television sets are a reoccurring motif in the piece. Christ B pretty much just zones out and does his thing. And that is the video in a nutshell. It was an intriguing and unique watch.

**My Two Cents: I thought this video was cool. It was creative and the vintage media was a clever touch. Also, liked the ambiguous use of the televisions too. It added to the allure of the project. If readers liked the video, they can download the single here. And be sure to click the provided link to check out other artists, music, and more from Higher Education Records. -MinM

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