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Danny’s Lounge Open Mic (4-18-12)

by Miracle

Readers have been  seeing references to local venue Danny’s Lounge for a while now. So figured it was time to give them a little bit more insight on the place. Danny’s Lounge is a nice sized entertainment spot located on 1900 South 60th street in West Allis, WI. Every Wednesday night for a while now, they hold an open mic event. The event is put together by lovely local deejay/rapper/model Sushi Lor. Rappers sign up starting at 9pm and pay a small fee. Then around 11pm they are granted stage time for about two to three songs, depending on how many acts are actually scheduled to perform. The turn out usually ranges from modest to a packed house. Rappers from all different sides of town are present, along with their own support systems. The bar is open the whole night, offering pretty decent drink specials and there are pool tables for entertainment before the show starts. Recently, DJ Sushi Lor even added a cash incentive to the pot. At the end of the night, the best performer is awarded $50 and the opportunity to be the opening act at the next open mic. A little extra cash never hurt anybody, right?


This past Wednesday (4-18-12) was business as usual. The open mic kicked off a little after 11pm with Bugzy Streets of the Paper Gang crew. He gave a pretty high energy performance and got things off to a strong start. He was followed by a few other acts who held their own as well. Those acts included artists like Big D, Charlee Brown  (All Wyte Bricks), etc. They all came with crazy intensity and dope music. Some standouts from the bunch though came from the Blaqlizt Entertainment camp via J Hyphen and Kia Rap Princess. J Hyphen took the stage first. He came with a very amped up demeanor and did his best to play to the crowd. Which they appreciated, as he received some positive accolades once he left the stage. Kia took to the stage next, opening up with a little witty banter to get the crowd’s attention. She has been on a little break as of late, so it was a comeback of sorts for the princess of the game. And what a successful comeback it was. She enticed the crowd with a few snippets and then hit them with a full serving of her infamous single “WTF U On.” Once she left the stage, it was all love from her fellow artists and the others in attendance. J Hyphen’s performance can be seen above and Kia’s performance can be seen below. There were a few more acts after the Blaqlizt team, among them Lil Petty of the Dope Beats Fam Gang. He was joined on stage by fellow DBFG member Trunk Bussa. The open mic wrapped up soon after with Lil Petty being awarded the cash prize for the night. He gave a pretty big performance which included a lot of crowd interaction. So one could say he earned it. Final call was announced and that concluded another night at Danny’s Lounge.



**My Two Cents: I thought this night at Danny’s was one of the better ones. It seemed well organized and all of the artists had decent presentation. Things can get a little hectic at the Southside venue sometimes. Also, it was good to see J Hyphen come out of his shell more on stage. And Kia’s comeback was great to witness too. If you missed it and want to catch the Blaqlizt team live, word has it that they will be at Danny’s Lounge again this Wednesday. So be sure to check it out. Oh and Miss Kia needs some Twitter love, so hit her with that follow. -MinM

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