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The Prestige – In Time (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By BandCamp)

In Time

A month ago, readers were put on to local Milwaukee producer Elete Tracks via an in depth Q&A. In the interview he mentioned that he had a beat EP in the works. Well a couple of weeks ago, the project finally dropped. It has been dubbed In Time and is a collaborative work between Elete and his previously mentioned partner B-Luv. The duo together calls themselves The Prestige. In Time features 15 total tracks and incorporates the elements of abstract sampling, live instruments, and drums. The EP kicks off with a clip from the movie In Time which stars singer/actor Justin Timberlake. From there the album goes into a track titled “This World Opening.” The cut has a smooth groove to it with a solid bass line and a few subtle sound effects. Additionally, there are clips about creating music, money, and the impact of money throughout the track. It was an interesting thing to add to the beat and it was mixed in well. Overall, it was a hot and innovative joint.

The EP continues on to explore a variety of different sounds by uniquely combining a vast array of elements. The result is a melting pot of styles, each track bringing something new and fresh. For example, there is a track called “Snoop’s Lament.” It features a clip from the hit hood series The Wire. The clip is engulfed in drums and frantic musical elements that create an intense Rock style vibe. It is a hot beat and one of the many favorites off of the project. Another noteworthy cut would be “Summer.” It begins with an old school R&B sample. Then things give way to a continuously heavy drum section with light musical elements. All the sounds are executed at a mid-tempo pace. In the end, it is a top notch soulful piece. The last few beats keep with the diversity of the album. The EP ends in the same groovy manner as it began but it’s just pure music this time around.

**My Two Cents: I loved this EP. I think all of the tracks were very versatile and well put together. And the different clips were engaging, as they were not what one would necessarily expect to hear. It is highly suggested that readers check out the EP and give it a listen. Your ears will not be disappointed. -MinM

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