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Smokie F/ Sypher Lady X – “Conquer & Divide” (Video)

by Miracle

So last month, Smokie and Sypher Lady X of Sypher Squad put together a very meaningful video for a song they did together called “Conquer & Divide.” The track is featured on a project by the Guerrilla Republik organization entitled Love & Sacrifice Volume 4. Smokie came up with the concept for the track, Lady X took care of the hook, and everything else just fell into place from there. Take a look below.



This video was shot and edited by Strictly Bizz Productions. The video opens with an explanation of what the Guerrilla Republik is all about. From there, the video is pretty much centered around the Occupy Milwaukee rally. During the rally there were signs that covered nationwide issues like employment and issues more specific to the Milwaukee area like the recall of Scott Walker. The rally footage was moving as it showed people from all walks of life coming together to fight for what they believe in. Also, it was a great way to personify the message of the song. In addition to the rally footage, there are some shots of Smokie and Lady X just hanging out around the state. They went from Madison to Downtown Milwaukee, just vibing out to the music. For special effects there is some playing around with transitions going on and the use of black and white color. The most noteworthy effect though, involves the lyrics popping up on screen with different colors and animations. It was a neat idea and it helped to reinforce the song’s purpose. The video ends with live footage from the rally. All in all, this was a nicely done piece.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this track/video. It was actually about something worthwhile and it was finely put together. Readers should definitely check it out and click the link to listen to the rest of the album as well. -MinM

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