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Cezar – Target Practice 2 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Cezar_Target_Practice_2-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

“Money Trees Remix” (previous review)

Target Practice 2 (listen/download)

Milwaukee based emcee Cezar has placed some more notches on his belt since he was last featured on the site. He earned himself a brand new sponsor in apparel company Tiki Clothing. He made his video debut which can be seen at the end of the post. And last but certainly not least he unleashed his highly anticipated project, Target Practice 2. The tape was produced by VZ The Kid and consists of a total of five songs. See which songs made their mark after the jump.

“Target Practice 2 Intro”

This is not only the opener for the tape but also the single that Cezar selected for his first ever video venture. The production here is sick. It contains a dramatic foundation, dark toned components, a medium pace, and a heavy vibe. No hook was incorporated into this track. The non-stop verse is of a four star quality. Cezar came with his one of a kind flow, clever wordplay, and hood rhymes. He established a very raw beginning for the project. A couple of lines worth highlighting are: “N—a bow down in my presence. Run through any D with the Smith like Emmitt. Til a n—a dead forever riding with my semi. If you don’t f–k with my n—as, what the f–k you trying to tell me. If you ain’t got the connect, then what the f–k you gone sell me. And she can’t get in my whip unless she finna give me Becky. How the f–k you n—as heavy, you ain’t never seen a strap. Why the f–k you acting scared when I bring you through the trap.” Those are some pretty hardcore bars right there that definitely amplify the feel of the beat. Overall, this was a grade A introduction.

“For My City” F/ J-W@$h

The production here is hot. The low weighted base, intense musical elements, and lethargic rhythm, come together and create a haunting vibe. The hook is a winner too. The vocals have a dope effect placed on them and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are of a high caliber as well. Cezar takes the lead in the first half of the record and J-W@$h follows up in the second half. The duo contribute charismatic flows, enticing wordplay, and superior rhymes. They do a very worthwhile job of paying tribute to the 414. Peep it as Cezar spits: “I put on for my city. And I still keep something with me. Cause when you do it like Diddy, they wanna shoot you like Biggie. You know I feel like I’m semi that mean I’m king. Where my crown? You n—as still coming up. And I be holding it down. Okay so one time for my real n—as. One time for my OGs. Street n—as that taught me how to roll up and pour lean.” Exceptional skills being showcased by Cez in those bars. All in all, this song is a banger and a favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: Target Practice 2 is a boss project. Cezar shined and continued to demonstrate advancement in his lyrical abilities. The production was choice but could have been mixed a little smoother. And the guest appearances were just right. The only complaint is that it was a tad short track wise. So it sits more like an EP than a mixtape. But it’s still definitely a must have, especially for those who like their Hip-Hop more on the gangsta side. -MinM

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