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Yo Dot – Sherman Park Memoirs (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Front Cover Art(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Sherman Park Memoirs (listen/download)

Yo Dot is the latest Milwaukee based talent to be making major waves as a force to be reckoned with in the Hip-Hop game. He is a member of the infamous Umbrella Music Group (Proph) and his latest offering Sherman Park Memoirs has been one of the most talked about mixtapes of the Summer. It is packaged with eleven total tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of Klassik, Proph, and more. Producers that made the cut include giants such as 40Mil and Lib Gibson. With so much buzz behind it, The Illixer had to check out the tape for readers. Find out if the site agrees with the masses, after the break.

“Red Snapper S–t”

This song serves as one of the early standouts amongst listeners. CameONE produced this cut. The production turned out solid. It contains a light bass, easy going background components, a bit of scratching, a mid-tempo pace, and a neutral vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is crystal clear. The lyrics are succinct. The verses are satisfactory. Yo Dot exhibits a fresh flow, commendable wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He provides the listener with a valid understanding of how he feels about himself as an artist. And of course said opinion is pretty high. A few lines worth checking out are: “You can feel the heat rise. Corn meal deep fry. Home-cooked, not them value meals with them cheap fries. Hottest n—a out here. I ain’t gotta prove the fact. Search Burleigh, you might find me on the Google Map. Right up on that boulevard. Close to the Glory Daaze. It’s my auto bio. No it’s not a story page.” Slick spitting going on right there. One has to especially appreciate the references within those bars. Overall, this is worthy of a few spins for sure.

“Sherman Park Memoirs”

This record is not only the title track of the tape but it is also the second fan favorite. Plus, Yo Dot released a set of visuals for the single which can be found below. The producer this time around was the one and only Lib Gibson. He did a quality job. The deep foundation, subtle secondary musical elements, and serious vibe work well together. There is no hook present. The continuous verse is favorable. Yo Dot serves up a steady flow, candid wordplay, and telling rhymes. He shares a lot of personal details and stories about his life here in the Mil-town. Some lines to take note of include: “Raised in the inner city. Lived to defy odds. Put us all behind bars. Lock us in them squad cars. The s–t that I saw throughout my late teens would break dreams and leave n—as in state greens. Staying in that corner building by that police department, you take a gamble daily. Jail time and freedom bargains. That’s just the life of a teen with no proper guidance.” That is a pretty heavy yet real way to open the song. All in all, this track is official.

“Got Love For Ya” F/ Austyn & Proph

The producer on this one is Deonte Hayes. The production here is likeable. It is made up of a mild core, lively supporting elements, an intermediate gait, and a casual vibe. The hook is good. The delivery is distinct and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are noble. Yo Dot brandishes his signature flow, open wordplay, and personal rhymes. He does an excellent job of penning an ode to his baby boy. A handful of lines worth observing are: “Our relationship is strained and at times it feel ruined. But you my n—a though. I was there when you was born. Always knew that you was special since I held you in my arms. I swear I love you son. And it’s times I’m not present. Trying to make a stable living. And I’m sorry, I regret it. I regret it. I will never leave you stranded. I will always be supportive. And our time is not for granted.” Powerful sentiments being expressed by Yo Dot right there. In the end, this track is a real treasure. And the clips of Yo Dot’s son dispersed throughout the offering were a charming added touch.

**My Two Cents: Sherman Park Memoirs is an estimable mixtape. Yo Dot has an appealing rough street style about him. His content was proper but could have been a little more intricate. The production was prime and the guest appearances were fitting. As a whole, the tape ranks about a 3.5/5. Readers should give it an ear for themselves though when they have a chance. And don’t forget to catch Yo Dot on Twitter and Facebook. -MinM

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