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61278_10153126000120265_1267272216_n(Photo By Yo Dot)

“Wake Up” F/ Colin Plant (listen/download)

414 emcee Yo Dot has selected a song off of his Sherman Park Memoirs mixtape to receive a little individual attention. The track is called “Wake Up” and it contains a guest appearance from singer Colin Plant. It was produced by L Plaga. The production here is clean. It entails: a polished bass, mellow background components, a mid-tempo pace, and a solemn vibe. The hook is savory. Colin’s vocals are pitch-perfect and the lyrics are of a companionate nature. The verses are on the mark. Yo Dot exhibits a wonted flow, vivid wordplay, and picturesque rhymes. He creates lifelike visions of nightmarish circumstances. Observe as he spits: “Yo had a dream I was homeless. Living in the street amongst killers and vultures. No bed to sleep. Not even sofas. I’m drowned in sorrow. Life is floatless. In the late night everything is open grabs. Surrounded by the sewer and the broken glass. You know the old saying ‘never trust a soul.’ So when it get dark I be ducking low. Looking for my dinner and my next plate. It’s hunger in my lungs. Every breath take everything out me.” Deep bars there with an incredible story-telling element present. In the end, this track is a hit.

Front Cover Art(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Sherman Park Memoirs (listen/download)

Yo Dot is the latest Milwaukee based talent to be making major waves as a force to be reckoned with in the Hip-Hop game. He is a member of the infamous Umbrella Music Group (Proph) and his latest offering Sherman Park Memoirs has been one of the most talked about mixtapes of the Summer. It is packaged with eleven total tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of Klassik, Proph, and more. Producers that made the cut include giants such as 40Mil and Lib Gibson. With so much buzz behind it, The Illixer had to check out the tape for readers. Find out if the site agrees with the masses, after the break.