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Cezar – “No Love”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“No Love” (listen/download)

The homie Cezar rolled out another new joint a few days ago. This one is produced by ScorpBeatz. The production here is dramatic. The restful foundation, fierce background elements, and aggressive vibe result in a suitable combination. There is also a hint of Rock flavor present; as well as a sample of “Love Is Blind” by R&B diva Alicia Keys. There is no hook. Just a slight break in the music and an altered version of the vocals from the sample. The verses are assertive. Cezar comes with a grave flow, cold wordplay, and tempered rhymes. He holds nothing back as he goes in on those who were supposed to have his back but ended up letting him down in some way, shape, or form. He vents: “Some of y’all hated. And some of y’all was patient. I gotta thank both. Cause look what you created. When it come to the glory I guess the s–t belated. Just like a birthday. I swear it’s long awaited. Now when we pop up, we got it locked up. We just some convicts who pushing they stock up. Anybody in the way, dawg it’s time to let ’em know. These n—as call me Cezar and they say I’m next to blow.” Cezar killed those bars. In the end, this was another praiseworthy effort.

**My Two Cents: Cezar is just on a winning streak at the moment. The content here is great. I was digging the production. And the sample is well used. His continued growth and lyrically consistency has officially earned him a top spot on the list of Milwaukee’s elite. Can’t wait to hear what’s next. Might have to encourage him to grace us with a video. While I work on that, be sure to keep up with him by liking his Fan Page. -MinM

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