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Cezar – “0-100” (CezMix)

by Miracle

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Drake has once again unleashed a savvy tune with a catchy phrase that has his fellow artists rushing to the booth to generate their own versions. It’s called “0 to 100” and it’s only been out a little over a week. One of the more stand out renditions of the song comes from right here in the Mil. Cezar decided to #CezMix the track and leak it as his first official taste of what’s to come from a new project he has in the works dubbed Heavy Hu$tle.
The production here is pretty fly. Cez decided to stick with the original beat. For those who haven’t caught it yet it’s composed of: a dense foundation, ingratiating secondary components, a contagious rhythm, and a strict vibe. There is no traditional style hook used on this single. Just mention of the title worked in here and there. The prolonged verse is of a high ranking quality. Cezar contributes a well synced flow, A-1 wordplay, and sovereign rhymes. DJ Trill Will describes this as an untamed version of the Twos Up emcee and he couldn’t have been more accurate. A handful of heavy hitting lines are: “One time for my whole click. Trill Will and E Money off of trey-six. CCM we ain’t playing with the bulls–t. It don’t take 25 n—as to get yo s–t split. All it take is my brother off the bracelet. Me and him to feel some way inside the basement. Hop inside the whip. Let the mac give a facelift. Getting back to basics. 2-2-12 mob s–t. I just got a text. It’s ya main telling me she want sex. In all caps, so I filled the request. I ain’t worried about you. I’m worried about a check.” There is no denying the heat in those bars right there. Overall, this is a paramount remix.
**My Two Cents: Well this was a pleasant surprise. The original version of this record is nice but Cezar destroyed the remix. He adapted to the beat effortlessly and his lyrical content was vicious. I’m digging this less restricted side of Cez. If readers liked the single as well, there is a video shoot for it happening tomorrow (6/14) that is open to the public. All of the information for said shoot is available here. Be sure to keep it locked to the site for future leaks and tidbits surrounding the Heavy Hu$tle project. -MinM

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