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News: Rick Rubin & Kanye West Back Together Again

by Miracle

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Legendary Hip-Hop persona Rick Rubin has recently confirmed that he will be teaming up with Kanye West for his next LP. He dropped the news during an interview he did recently with BBC Radio and Zane Lowe which is being released in four parts throughout this week.

This information is being received with mixed results. Everyone loves Rubin for his contribution to Hip-Hop of course. But he was also the mastermind that helped Kanye West with Yeezus and that project didn’t go over so well with the masses. Rubin also revealed some details on how he and Ye linked up for Yeezus in his interview. Kanye approached the iconic figure and asked him to listen to the album. The pair sat down and absorbed roughly three hours of music as well as sorted through numerous ideas/concepts. To Rubin’s surprise, a majority of the tunes were incomplete or didn’t have any vocals at all. He thought the eccentric Chicago rapper was giving himself a year or so to finish up and was hit with another bombshell when West shared that he planned to finish the LP in about six weeks. Though the schedule led a lot of people to say that the album sounded rushed, Rubin says that’s a pretty normal time frame for Kanye. At the moment, the two are going over vocals and ideas for the next upcoming project. This will mark Kanye’s seventh studio collective. There has been tons of speculation on the sound of Ye’s next work. Some want him to return to his original sound while others look forward to seeing what new out of the box direction he can come up with. Neither he nor Rubin have given any indication on which group will get their way. However, Ye’s tour DJ did promise that the effort will be much different from Yeezus. Time will tell if this is a good or a bad thing. At the time of press there were no specific album details such as: a title, release date, first single projection, etc. Updates will be done as these components become available.

**My Two Cents: I like the rest of the Hip-Hop community have a lot of respect for Rick Rubin. However, I also was not here at all for Yeezus. I listened to it several times on my own, with people who loved it, and with those who didn’t care for it. And all I came away with every time was just a couple of tolerable tracks that I’d listened to if there were no other available options. Ye is capable of so much more than that train wreck. I’m all for him being creative and such but he dropped the ball with Yeezus, point blank period. I am hoping and praying that he got his act together and gives us something phenomenal with this future endeavor. Seven is a lucky number after all. Are you checking for a new Kanye West album or nah? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. -MinM

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