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Happy Birthday: Tupac Shakur (6/16/71 – 9/13/96)

by Miracle

tupac-shakur(Photo By Google Images)

Today marks the 43rd birthday of the late great rapper/actor/poet/activist Tupac Amaru Shakur. In honor of his born day, The Illixer decided to share a scene from one of his early 90’s television appearances. The scene comes from Season 6, episode 23 of A Different World. The episode is titled “Homie, Don’t Ya Know Me?”

Tupac guest stars as Piccolo, the ex-boyfriend of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s character Lena. Actors Shaun Baker and Monica Calhoun make an appearance as well. They are mutual friends of Piccolo and Lena. The crew of friends from Baltimore hit up the campus to pay Lena a visit and give her a little taste of her life back home. Piccolo’s presence happens to be a surprise though. However, Lena isn’t quite so thrilled to see him. She has a new boyfriend which doesn’t seem to matter to Piccolo as one of Lena’s pals reveals that he came along to reclaim Lena as his own. She also has a new lifestyle on campus that doesn’t mesh too well with her companions and their hood ways. The result is an episode that features a cool mix of comedy and drama. This paints a striking contrast to the relationship that Tupac and Jada had off camera. The two were actually really good friends. The pair initially met at the Baltimore School For The Arts as classmates and the rest is history. There is even some speculation that at one point and time they were romantically involved. They’d have made for an interesting couple, that’s for sure. Check out the duo’s turbulent small screen scripted affair below.

**My Two Cents: A Different World is one of my all time favorite shows. Tupac is one of my all time favorite rappers. And I love me some Jada Pinkett Smith too. So I couldn’t think of a better way to recognize the day that Pac came into the world than with this show clip. It’s definitely one of the most memorable episodes of the college based series for me. Personally, I’d have chosen Piccolo over Dorian any day (lol). Happy Birthday Pac, may you continue to rest in paradise! -MinM

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