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Cassette Coast – “Orange Slice” (Video)

by Miracle

Coast_TOL3Itunes(Photo By Street Science Ent.)

Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart (iTunes)

Cassette Coast was very pleased with his debut on the site. And since he made such a positive impression on readers, decided to share his brand new video. The visuals are for his song “Orange Slice”off of his previously reviewed project, Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart. The single was also among those selected for a closer look in said review. Take a peek at how Coast breathed life into the fun filled entertainment anthem below.


The concept for the video revolves around the energy of the track and plays heavily on the song title. It entails Coast and a small collection of playful beauties going above and beyond to embrace the feel good theme of the record. What really adds to the vibrant nature of the visuals, is the reoccurring orange motif. There is: an orange background, orange hair, orange clothing, orange fruit, and more. Couple that with the zesty motions throughout the piece and one has a really aesthetically pleasing treat on their hands. Overall, this was a dope and invigorating video.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome video. I loved the way the flick reflected the single and it was something different. I was expecting a typical party or club style video and was completely surprised. Which is a good thing. Excellent optical representation for a groovy song. Props to Coast on another job well done. If readers haven’t checked out Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart yet, they are strongly encouraged to click that link. And be sure to visit Coast via his website and Twitter. -MinM

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