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Carl “BFM” Jones Presents: Mid-West Minute Radio Show (1-30-13 Recap)

by Miracle

01-30-radio-flyer (357x500)(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

Last week (1/30), Mid-West Minute Radio kept the ball rolling with another banging show.. The night kicked off with Uncanny of Springfield, IL. He took to the air to give listeners the run down on who he is and what he’s about. He is the host of Torch Tuesday and the founder of the Torch Tuesday Hip-Hop Awards. He started his segment by giving a little bit of background info for those who may not be familiar with the entity. Torch Tuesday is a long time running showcase of the best and the brightest in the Illinois area. It started off as an open mic for Hip-Hop artists and has gone on to progress to poets, comedians, etc. Additionally Uncanny shared insight on the Springfield music scene, the recent Torch Tuesday Awards, and more. It was a very informative interview.

Next up was Milwaukee’s own Bass Head Music. The fellas began by breaking down their membership and the roles that each person plays in the group. They also briefly discussed how they linked up with host Baby Face Monster, how they came to be, how they fit into the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene, their upcoming project, and a handful of other topics. It was a great first impression for those who are new to the Bass Head Music movement. Simply The Best followed suit. The duo brought the focus back to the Chi-Town. They discussed what inspired them to want to rap, their new album, etc. They had a genuine and real aura about them. The show wrapped up with a guest appearance from R.I.O (Raps Instant Obsession). He was full of energy and personality. He spoke on his recent trip to Portland, his source of motivation, his catalog, and his new ventures. It was an engaging way to close out the night. As a whole, the time on the air was well spent.

**My Two Cents: I was very satisfied with the show as usual. It was great to hear more from Sicksteen of  Yesterdays Nothing. All of the guests really kept things interesting and worth staying tuned in to. And the new music from the homie Baby Face Monster was jamming. The Making Of A Monster is going to be a hot little project. Stay tuned to find out what went down this week on Mid-West Minute Radio. -MinM

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