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Nneka Manyara – “Untitled #6” (Poem)

by Miracle

IMG_3067(Photo By Nneka Manyara)

Nneka Manyara is an artistic spirit from Racine, WI. She shows an appreciation for all forms of creative expression but seems to be particularly fond of poetry. She herself is a writer and shared a few pieces with the site. Her work covers everything from love to life’s hardships. Take a peek at her first submission which can be found after the break.

“Untitled #6”

(Poem By  Nneka Manyara)

Candy apple red is what came to mind when he saw her lips
Sweet caramel loving oh how it gets sticky on his fingertips
Her walk’s so mean it could damn near be illegal
One potent sway of her hips makes every stroke extremely lethal
Whatever she put on him had to be something wicked
When she’s away he fears withdrawals because he’s addicted
She’s the sweetest form of heroin
The ultimate in coke
Keeps him hooked on her he’d even go for broke
Inhaled her scent until it burned inside his veins
Totally strung out and without her honey he can’t maintain

This piece has a very passionate theme to it. It depicts a case of attraction with very vivid details. The poem is brought to life by the drug related metaphors that are used. Attraction to a member of the opposite sex is a normal thing but the metaphors make it more intense and memorable. The second half of the piece is especially well put together and contains some great imagery. Overall, this was an excellent read.

**My Two Cents: This was an epic poem. The word choice was superb and I really liked the tone. I would love for Nneka to give it a title at some point. I am curious to see what she would feel inspired to call it. Definitely going on my favorites list. Hope readers enjoy it as well. Stay tuned for Nneka’s second submission. -MinM

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