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Nneka Manyara – “Untitled #8” (Poem)

by Miracle

IMG_3064(Photo By Nneka Manyara)

As stated before, Nneka Manyara shared a couple of selections with the site. The second piece is a little on the longer side and is written from a woman’s perspective this time around. It encompasses the motifs of sensuality and being in love. Readers can check it out below.

“Untitled #8”

(Poem By  Nneka Manyara)

They’re alone in the dark and she kisses his face
Moves a little closer and they embrace
Her fingertips on his back he feels hot to the touch
She didn’t realize she wanted him this much
The sound of his voice the smoothness of his skin
His eyes and the way she doesn’t have to pretend
A force so magnetic when he’s near her she can’t speak
Hours of lovemaking suddenly his knees feel weak
She’s afraid to touch him sometimes because she just might
Admit to him that it was love at first sight
So passionate even when he’s caressing her hand
Sees things in her other men don’t understand
So gentle in the way that he consoles her
She’s willing to be a better woman and let him mold her
Wondering how did she even capture
A man of his stature to get caught up in her rapture
In love with this strong Black man no longer will she hide it
Trusting him with her heart and what’s inside it
Longing to tell him these things as they stand face to face
Making love infinitely beyond time and space

The tone of this poem is very stirring. The reader can truly feel the strong emotions that the subject has for her significant other. Additionally, it is written with very rich description. Certain key words standout and make the lines pop. The first half of the poem is the strongest. It paints a captivating portrait and really draws one in. All in all, this was a commendable offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a good piece. I once again like the way Nneka chose to verbalize everything. The first half was really on point. The second half was decent, just not as distinct as the beginning. And I’d like to see this one titled too. I think Nneka could come up with something really deep. Pleasant read as a whole. I think poetry fans will dig it. Much love to Nneka for allowing us to share her work! -MinM

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