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Jade Alston – Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night Part 2 (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night Part 2 (listen/download)

Philly singer Jade Alston has finally released her much anticipated EP, Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night Part 2. It consists of 10 total tracks and covers everything from attraction to heartbreak. The style of the album is a mixture of 90’s R&B and Soul with hints of other genres like Reggae surfacing on occasion. Continue reading after the break to find out what songs caught the attention of the site.

“New Shoes”

This is the very first song on the EP. The production here is perfect. It entails: a funky core & rhythm, eccentric musical ingredients, and a sassy vibe. There is no hook used here. The song’s title is just mentioned throughout the record. The content is choice. Jade provides diverse vocals and audacious lyrics. She basically wakes up and makes the decision to kick her significant other to the curb for various reasons. Some interesting lines include: “This is what happens when good love runs dry. Wasting our time. It’s overdue baby. If you got no cash call Raheem for that ride. Call up yo man. Yeah he got you. I’m all out. Won’t take no excuse.” Looks like when Miss Alston says it’s time to go that’s exactly what she means. Overall, this was a stellar track and a genius way to start off the EP.


The production here is favorable. It is comprised of a mid-tempo pace, hearty instrumentation, and a free spirited vibe. The hook is solid. The vocals are emotive and the lyrics are affectionate. The verses are decent. Jade serves up deep vocals and heartfelt lyrics. She goes out of her way to let the special man in her life know that she cares about him a great deal and has his back no matter what. She croons: “Boy I’m sure you don’t hear it enough. You’re more than beautiful. And I’m sure this world don’t show enough love. But that’s what I’m here for. Taking care of business like a real man should. You be playing your position for your woman. Your everything my heart was on a mission for. I just thought you should know.” Nice to see a softer more endearing side of Jade. In the end, this song is a gem.

“I Try”

The production here is premium. The weighted infrastructure, slower gait, and dispiriting vibe fit together like a hand in glove. The hook is authentic. The vocals are stirring and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are first-rate. Jade executes quality vocals laced with anguish. The lyrics are very expressive. Jade reflects on a situation where she is involved with a male who is already taken. She herself also happens to be in a relationship. She speaks candidly about her battle with doing the right thing versus giving in to infidelity. A few striking lines are: “I probably shouldn’t be here. How did we get this far? I must be out of my mind. But you make it hard. You should be home with ya girl. I should be with my man. Feels like we’re playing with fire.” Intense synopsis being laid out right there. All in all, this is a praiseworthy effort and a favorite off of the EP.

**My Two Cents: These are just three of the selections that made an impact from Sunday Morning: Single On A Saturday Night Part 2. The project as a whole is very well rounded and assorted enough for all tastes. There are ballads, high energy cuts, and joints that fall in between. Jade has excellent vocal work going on and has a strong flexible range. Top all of that off with tight knit production and R&B fanatics can’t go wrong with this one. But don’t just believe the review. Click the link and let your ears decide on their own. Readers can find Jade online via Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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