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B~Free & Klassik – “Come Over (Remix)”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

In honor of the celebration of love falling upon us (Valentine’s Day), Milwaukee musicians B~Free and Klassik joined forces to bring their magic to the late Aaliyah‘s hit single “Come Over.” They took the slow groovy number and jazzed it up in a way that only they can. Find out more about the revamped version of the tune presented by Voodoo Honey Records after the break.

The arrangement & production here are handled by B~Free and Klassik themselves with mixing & mastering being taken care of by Cristian Strehlow. The production here is unique. The level bass, quirky musical details, spirited rhythm, and mellow vibe create a vastly different tone from the original instrumental but it is likable. The hook is golden. The vocals are of an A-1 quality and the lyrics are the same as they are in Aaliyah’s version. The verses are charming. B~Free gets her croon on for the first and last half of the track. Klassik adds a fresh verse to the middle of the selection with a choice rapping & singing combo. He offers up a suave persona with memorable lyrics. Though it is a minor portion of the cut, a highlight of the remix is the reenactment of the battery dying bit from the initial song. Very cool that the duo decided to keep it in. The rendition concludes with B~Free and Klassik harmonizing the hook from “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal. It makes for a nice tie in. All in all, this is an innovative effort.

**My Two Cents: I love Aaliyah as well as B~Free and Klassik. So this was an exciting submission for me. I like the fact that the duo truly made “Come Over” their own. The creativity of the production and arrangement is really neat. Of course, there is no question that the vocals & rhyming are dope. That’s what makes the pair so great. And I like their chemistry on the track too. I think they should just go ahead and do a joint EP or something already. Definitely think readers need to go ahead and jam out to this. Then for nostalgic purposes, get reacquainted with Aaliyah’s version of the tune above. Rest in peace Miss Haughton. -MinM

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