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Joey Burbs – “Margarita”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

After a brief period of being out of touch, MKE artist Joey Burbs reached out to The Illixer with his first submission of the new year. The song is entitled “Margarita” and it is produced by Rascal. There is a lyric video that accompanies the single as well. Readers can get the 411 on the track and peep the video after the break.

The production here is clutch. The orderly base, sophisticated background ingredients, smooth jazzy tempo, and magnetic vibe make for the perfect combination of sounds. The hook is equally spot on. Joey Burbs flexes a little R&B muscle with favorable vocals and vibrant lyrics. The verses are suitable. Joey Burbs further exercises his singing chops with adequate harmonies and open reflective lyrics. He cycles through his thoughts and emotions on his relationship with a special being in his life. He does slip in a casual flow with a couple of slick rhymes towards the end of the record too. A snippet from his savvy meditation includes: “Why am I heartbroken when I caused it? Trying to find myself where I lost it. Ended on good terms but it’s just words. So I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it. My favorite time of day is at night when you sleep. Cause I know that for those moments you ain’t hurting quite so deep.” Those are some very gripping bars right there. As a whole, this is an enchanting tune.

**My Two Cents: Glad to have Joey Burbs back on the site. And I love the way he came back. “Margarita” is an awesome cut. The production is just fabulous and you can’t help but groove to it. The content is a delight too. Joey’s references & play on words as it relates to the title are creative as well as admirable. And I truly enjoyed his singing. He did the R&B genre some justice. Readers definitely don’t want to deprive their ears of this auditory treat. So go ahead and click one of those play buttons. -MinM

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