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Larry Bull – “I Told Ya”

by Miracle

Larry Bull (Bull JR) has been releasing various tracks over the past few months to demonstrate his undeniable work ethic and constantly evolving skills as an artist. He recently sent one The Illixer‘s way titled “I Told Ya.” The song is produced by Mike-a-Knight and it started receiving attention from media outlets as soon as it hit the web. Continue reading after the break to find out why.

The production here is sick. The flavorful infrastructure, floating musical components, centralized tempo, and sterling vibe mesh effortlessly together. The hook is winning. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are infectious. Gives off a bit of a Drake style even. Which is very much so a good thing. The verses are of an expert quality. Larry Bull attacks the track with a dramatic flow, grand wordplay, and tenacious rhymes. He ensures that anyone who has been sleeping on him prior to this cut will definitely be on high alert from here on out. A snippet from his wake up call includes: “I know that you want my contacts but you not getting ’em. I know that you want my sauce. Nasty, you not getting some. I’ll be here forever ninety-ninety or til kingdom come. Only way to box me out, tell the Lord come get his son! I won’t stop until my mama out here whipping in a Benz. And my pappy happy cause he steady counting benjamins.” Gotta love the fortitude that is pouring off of those bars right there. As a whole, this number is pure fire.

**My Two Cents: “I Told Ya” is the hungriest I’ve ever heard Larry Bull sound. He goes into beast mode and does not let up at all. The instrumental compliments his swag wonderfully too. Mike-a-Knight is seriously talented. And the cover art is very creative. Take some time to really give it a glance. Anyone who is not bumping this joint is missing out. So stop cheating yourselves. Click that play button pronto. -MinM

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