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Ron Slyda – “Water” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Miami talent Ron Slyda kind of disappeared from the music front during the later half of 2015 and for part of 2016 as well. Unfortunately, life kind of threw a few curve balls his way. Which happens to the best of us. However, he is currently in the process of bouncing back and has a new single & video to prove it. The new tune is simply labeled “Water.” It’s the Florida native’s take on “Life Is Good” by fellow rapper Logic.

The production for this single is quality. The even foundation, groovy background ingredients, leisurely tempo, and composed vibe fit enjoyably together. There is no hook on this record, just a quick reference to the title at the end of the cut. The song is short and moves at a level pace though, so the absence of a hook isn’t a huge deal. The prolonged verse is satisfactory. Ron Slyda utilizes a memorable flow, expressive wordplay, and deeply personal rhymes. He speaks openly about his current run of hardships which include: court battles, run-ins with the law, heartbreak, and fake friends. He vents: “I can’t trust nan b—h nor f–k n—a. Cause it only take a couple bands to corrupt n—as. (…) Each and every strike had a story and a wound. It’s passionate dick slanging but M.O.B. til the tomb. Remember me through these tunes while I’m in the upper room. I know I ain’t living right. But Lord I ain’t coming soon.” Those are some weighted opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a legit and concise selection.

The visuals that accompany”Water” are done by Young Wild Panda. It should be noted that there were some restrictions in shooting the video as Ron Slyda was dealing with being on house arrest at the time of filming. So the locations were limited to his immediate surroundings. The  director just wanted to capture something that went hand in hand with Slyda’s reflection of his turbulent year. Mission accomplished via: a trek to the local convenience store, a glimpse of a local neighborhood’s night life, and a quiet visit poolside. All of these scenarios give off a very raw true to life vibe which fits perfectly with the theme of the single. Overall, it’s a worthwhile vision.

**My Two Cents: It is very unfortunate that Ron Slyda hit a bit of hard luck over the past year or so. However, I am glad that he is not letting it hold him back and that he is so willing to share his struggles through his music. It can’t be easy but it says a lot about this authenticity as an artist. He’s not just pushing a gimmick to sell records. He’s living what he speaks on and that is refreshing. I dig “Water” as both a song and video. Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned dose of reality. All the hype and flash gets played out after a while. Slyda is set to drop a full length project later on this year dubbed MusikFaLaidBackRealNiggas. So be sure to keep those eyes and ears peeled. -MinM

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