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Ay-Rock – “Trilogy”

by Pooh Bailey

IMG_1077(Photo By Sound Cloud)

This isn’t your daddy’s ‘jacking for beats.’ This is more telling a story over three different beats. Ay-Rock is back on the site with his “Trilogy” freestyle. The emcee strategically freestyles over three beats in one. Those beats include: Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Big Sean’s “Paradise,” and DJ Khaled‘s “How Many Times.”

“Trilogy” is pretty good once you get passed the fact that it’s not J. Cole who’s rapping but Ay-Rock. The bars are there and are pretty decent. Not head over heels, but good enough for you to take notice. The one issue I have with this song is that it’s considered a ‘freestyle.’ “Trilogy” is more of a really cool song than a freestyle. Freestyles are usually just a rapper going in with no breaks or transition. Basically, everything “Trilogy” is not. All in all though, Ay-Rock did a pretty cool job. I just wish it really was more of a freestyle than a record with no hook. -Pooh Bailey

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