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Lyrics N’ Rhythm – “Rain”

by Miracle

IMG_20160122_082222(Photo By Audio Mack)

L-R aka Lyrics N’ Rhythm is a Milwaukee County bred talent. He got into the music world at an early age but didn’t start taking his journey seriously until around 2005. Under the tutelage of his close friends, family members, and the great state of Texas (Houston), the up-and-coming rapper developed his own sound & style. Currently, he is a part of two factions: $NR$ (Staying Noble Reaching Success) and Rhythmaddix Music Group. Additionally, he has a project in the works titled The Giver that is due out this year. With a reputation for being a serious grinder with a diverse palate, he is seemingly one to keep an eye/ear out for. So The Illixer thought it might be a treat for readers to dig into his most recent offering, “Rain.”

“Rain” is produced by Rhythmaddix (40Mil & DJ Pay Day). The production here is of a high quality. The clean cut foundation, contemporary secondary details, magnetic tempo, and plush vibe make for an extremely likable combination. The hook here is adequate. The delivery is orderly. The lyrics are short & simple. The verses are legitimate. L-R supplies a breezy flow, proficient wordplay, and grade A rhymes. He does a respectable job of expressing how he feels about the current state of music and his role in it. A sprinkling of lines worth taking note of are: “Had a couple people ask will I switch it up. (…). What I gotta pick it up for if I never dropped it off? I ain’t even in my bag, not at all. It’s Lyrics N’ Rhythm. I’m not with the gimmicks. I’m trying to hold on to this like a f–king extension. I mean I’m talking so long they put this s–t off in Guinness. Cause man on everything moving I ain’t leaving no witness, no way. I ain’t into taking L’s, no how, no way.” One can not deny the finesse of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a great glimpse into what L-R has to bring to the table.

**My Two Cents: Lyrics N’ Rhythm is a dope artist to me. He has a mellow style about him with a sleek pen game. “Rain” is a nice little number. The production is spot on and goes superbly with L-R’s demeanor. The content has a strong appeal to it and leaves a lasting impression. Captivating the listener in such a short amount of time takes some real skills. My only critique is of the hook. It doesn’t add anything to the track, so it could’ve been left off. Just letting the beat ride a bit between verses would’ve been more ideal. Other than that, this is a must listen for readers. It will be interesting to hear what else The Giver has in store. Be sure to keep those eyes on the provided link to catch the collective when it hits the public. -MinM

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