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Ay-Rock F/ Monie Thee Vixen – “I Got It”

by Miracle

I Got It-2(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Texas representative Ay-Rock is cruising right along in his quest to build a significant buzz for his upcoming mixtape, RTG (Ready To Go). His latest effort is a joint single with female artist Monie Thee Vixen called “I Got It.” The song was produced by Street Empire MG.

The production here is lush. The glossy base, restful background elements, cordial rhythm, and even-tempered vibe make for an impeccable fit. The hook is A-1. The delivery is full of magnetism and the lyrics are personable. The verses are winning. Ay-Rock goes in first and Monie Thee Vixen provides an admirable follow up. Both artists dole out suave flows, clever wordplay, and high quality rhymes. They exude the very type of confidence needed to be recognized as contenders in the music game. Some lines worth spotlighting from Ay-Rock are: “Give it up to the n—a. Got it sewn up. About to take off like rockets. I’m headed to them clouds but you can pass that to the left. I don’t need to feel your high. I got myself (…) my n—as I’m set. Let me get ’em. I told ’em I’m that n—a when I stepped up on the scene. Now I’m on and I got my shot. I’m a hit my target. Keep it clean. That’s how this game go.” The savviness in those bars right there creates an attractive song opener. Overall, this is another dope effort from the Technology Records talent.

**My Two Cents: Ay-Rock is doing a fine job brewing interest for his up-and-coming project. This song was extremely on point from start to finish. The production was uninhibited and the content was sharp. Monie Thee Vixen seriously made her presence felt. I was very impressed. So far the Texas rapper is three for three. Looking forward to his next submission to see if his streak will continue. -MinM

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