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C-Hawk & SamSullivanBeats – Only The Beginning (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Producer Sam Sullivan (Producers United) is back on the site for his second feature. This one is a little different than the previous post though. He has teamed up with his long term buddy and fellow New Hampshire native C-Hawk and the two have created a collaboration dubbed Only The Beginning. The album was released earlier this month. C-Hawk  wears the artist hat and Sam Sullivan handles all of the production for the work. Additionally, all of the instrumentation featured was played live and recorded by the duo themselves. The project has a total of 11 tracks and took six months to put together. Which meant a lot of long days and nights for the pair, as they just recently graduated high school. Their goal with this tape is to show off their musicality and diversity by blending the musical elements of: Classical, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. Continue reading to discover how they did.

“Listen Close”

The production here is refined. The full bass, savvy background components, inviting rhythm, and old school vibe fit amicably together. The hook is conventional. The delivery consists of striking sampled vocals and non-complex lyrics. The verses are solid. C-Hawk doles out a conversational style flow, principled wordplay, and efficient rhymes. He conveys a message pertaining to not sleeping on him as an artist despite the fact that he’s relatively new to the game. A few standout lines include: “I was walking down the street with some gum in my jaw. A cypher circle of some G’s bobbing their noggin I saw. The beat that they were bumping sounded something like this. So I had to lose the Double Bubble so I could spit. Walked up real smooth so I wasn’t a threat. Asked ’em if I could join and who was coming up next. They stared at me with their eyes glazed over, like a doughnut.” One has to love the colorful visualization within those words right there. Overall, this is a neat single.


The production here is in a class of it’s own. The brimming foundation, brooding secondary details, eerie tempo, and serious vibe match up approvingly. The hook is valid. The delivery is fierce and the lyrics are thorough. The verses are moderate. C-Hawk extends an eclectic flow, first-rate wordplay, and prevalent rhymes. He provides an example of an individual who is on an unrelenting quest for prosperity. A sprinkling of retainable lines are: “Keep on playing player. Keep pimping pimp. I’ll pop up on your radar if you are ignorant. (…) keep going and flowing. I open doors that are closing. Sipping potion and floating. Just a little bit more so I’m focused. I come up with creations. Cause I’m on a mission to make it. Success so close I could taste it. N—as testing my patience.” Those are some slick bars right there. All in all, this is an up to par effort.


This is the last song on the tape. The production here is winsome. It is devised of: a soulful structure, harmonious supporting pieces as well as instrumentation, a mellow pace, and an encouraging vibe. The hook is divine. The vocals are soothing to the ear and the lyrics are meaningful. There is only a solitary verse here. The outstretched verse is kosher. C-Hawk employs a tranquil flow with a hint of melody, consistent wordplay, and sincere rhymes. He gives a personal account on why change is such an important ideal to him. Observe as he shares: “It’s getting dimmer by the minute. Think of my goal. Wonder if I’ll get it. But if I don’t go I know I’ll regret it. Cause I’ll be stuck in my home thinking of ways I can end it. It’s getting duller every Summer. I’m feeling all alone. Are there any others? Nothing to do but get in school or in trouble. I’m feeling like Jimmy Livingston cause I’m trapped in a bubble. I need Barack Obama’s motto to apply to my situation. Feeling mellow my fellow. Need to change my elevation.” The emotion and vulnerability in those bars is stirring. This record concludes with a few words of acknowledgement and gratitude from C-Hawk and Sam. As a whole, this selection is a gem.

**My Two Cents: Only The Beginning is an intriguing mixtape. Each track definitely has it’s own ambiance which gives the listener a nice variety. The production was impressively handled. The content is versatile too and C-Hawk delivers it finely. He could tighten up his flow just a tad and add more finesse to his rhymes though. But considering the fact that he just started rapping when this project began six months ago, he did well. I think this is a noteworthy piece in it’s entirety and feel that music lovers with an open palate will agree. Only way to find out for sure though is to listen. So scroll up and hit play or head on over to Dat Piff and hit download. -MinM

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