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Rene Brown – Keep To Myself (EP Review)

by Miracle

Rene Brown - _Keep To Myself_ Album art(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Meet Rene Brown. She’s an independent female artist originally born in Mississippi who now resides in Los Angeles. Fresh off the heels of working some magic overseas opening up for the likes of Schoolboy Q, she just recently dropped her debut EP Keep To Myself. The project was entirely recorded, produced, and mixed in Atlanta by an individual who goes by the name of Tommy Ross. It consists of seven tracks total and is available for purchase on iTunes. The album is said to accentuate Brown’s catchiness and flow which has led to her rising fan base and constant label interest. Find out if the site feels that the collective holds up to it’s dynamic classification after the jump.
The production here is hot. The hardcore bass, dramatic musical elements, creeping rhythm, and tense vibe make for a five star mixture. The hook is quality. The delivery is crystal clear and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are top notch. Rene Brown enlists a level raspy flow, strapping wordplay, and fiery rhymes. She does an excellent job of making her presence felt through the speakers. A couple of undeniable lines are: “Get her f–ked up but I don’t get sloppy. Copy me and it’s gone get rocky. Feeling some way but you can not stop me. Guess I blackout and I just go cocky. Chilling on top of the clouds. Y’all look at me now. These n—as is checking me out. Wow, I told ya. B—hes be coming like vultures. Getting it in. And I’m s–tting on posers.” Those are some charged bars right there. Overall, this song is a banger for sure.
“Dopest Dope” F/ Malia
The production here is good. The subtle foundation, groovy secondary details, mid-tempo pace, and carefree vibe result in a likeable blend. The hook is fresh and the highlight of the track. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are fetching. They sum up the theme of the song superbly: “She still the dopest dope I ever smoked. She got me hooked and there’s no hope for me to let her go. Medical that I inhale to cope when I’m feeling low. She gone leave me broke and that’s just how the story goes.” One has to appreciate the use of personification within those words right there. The verses are adequate. Rene Brown conquers the first portion of the record. She presents a signature flow, creative wordplay, and solid rhymes. Malia shows up on the second half of the record. She brings a cool soulful element to this concise ode to mind elevation with delightful expressive vocals and lyrics. Peep as Rene spits: “When at my lowest if no one notices, she knows it. We just inhale slow – it’s bliss. Us on the sofa. Me and she against the world. The dopest dope I ever smoked. S–t, couldn’t chill a little bit without her. Now let me see everyone that concurs. Me and her disperse is unheard of, ya heard. I let it influence my verse.” There is a very endearing sentiment within those words. All in all, this is a respectable effort.
“Wood Grain”
This is the final selection on the EP. The production here is ace. It is composed of: a snazzy Southern style infrastructure, suave background ingredients, a centralized gait, and a down to earth vibe. The hook is a success. The delivery is inventive and the lyrics stick with the listener. The verses are appeasing. Rene Brown contributes a rugged flow, fair wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. She gives vivid insight on how she goes about just doing her own thing. A handful of lines worth mentioning are: “Let’s go, let’s go. Follow me down this road where all of my n—as gone roll. Smoking blunts out of the window. Smelling like weed everywhere that we go. Chilling with hoes at the show. People ain’t ready, I’m close. I couldn’t help it, I’m chose. N—as and b—hes I’ve come for them both. Put that on all that I own. Let me get into my zone.” There is some real heat coming off of those bars. In the end, this is a hit number as well as a site favorite.
**My Two Cents: Keep To Myself is a steadfast debut. Tommy Ross packaged the sound reputably and Rene Brown definitely brought her own special flavor to the mix. She has a very prominent flow and her bars are decent. She could add a little more flare to them though to kick them up a notch. But I certainly understand her popularity amongst music lovers and label heads alike. I dig the EP. Readers should lend it an ear when they have some spare time. -MinM

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