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MC Elijah Black F/ Esmeralda – “GhettoBirds”

by Miracle

GhettoBirds cover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

MC Elijah Black or Eli Black hails from NYC. He has been in the game approximately five years, achieving such feats as participating in AfroPunk’s Battle Of The Bands as lead rapper of the outfit Sibling. Earlier this month, he released his very first single for the Summer. It’s a substantial record called “GhettoBirds” that was produced by Eli himself. It also entails a guest appearance from an artist who goes by the name of Esmeralda.

The production here is entrancing. The disciplined foundation, haunting instrumentation, serious background traits, lingering tempo, and somber vibe fuse together marvelously. The hook is brilliant. The delivery is silken and the lyrics are authentic. The verses are enriching. MC Elijah Black offers up a lucid flow, intelligent wordplay, and powerful rhymes. He has quite a bit to say pertaining to all aspects of life. A handful of lines worth absorbing are: “Forgive me for times I was acting wild. Wasting money on Black & Milds. Pardon me God it’s in my blood. (…) liquor all in my veins. Granddaddy was an alcoholic. I promise y’all I won’t be the same. Please refrain, don’t lose it. You see change. I see illusions. We slaves to the music. Don’t need chains or a new whip. Still I fly low in a star-fleet. Enjoy the breeze. This might be gone in a heartbeat.” Those are some deep personal words right there. The selection concludes with a brief break from Esmeralda. She brings an unorthodox yet likeable aura to the track. Overall, this offering is a must listen for sure.

**My Two Cents: Eli Black made a great first impression on me. He has a clean style and his bars are strong. I enjoyed this single a lot. It was fittingly produced and one can never go wrong with content that has a purpose. I sincerely hope that this is not the last that the site hears from the NYC emcee. Be sure to check him out on Twitter via the link at the start of the post. -MinM

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